Legal advice: simplified

This service is aimed at start-ups, entrepreneurs, landlords and small and medium-sized businesses

Free first interview with a barrister 

This service provides you with a free first interview with a barrister. You then have the option to instruct them to assist you or your business further if your legal query is not resolved in the initial discussionSSB HIGH RES WITH TAG-01 copy

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Changes in the the way legal services are regulated means anyone can now go directly to a barrister without having to involve anyone else (eg a solicitor). Brixton Advice Centre is partnering with ShenSmiths Barristers to pilot the first exclusive public access portal of its type in the UK, bridging the gap between the charitable advice sector, local SMEs and direct access barristers

How it works

After sending your query [hyperlink it] a barrister will get back to you and provide you with expert legal advice from the comfort of your own home or workplace. The advice can be provided via telephone or, face-to-face with the easy-to-use online video-conferencing app

  • Fill in the form [hyperlink to BAC adapted version]
  • Choose how you want to get your advice (telephone or face-to-face online)
  • Either way, you will usually be talking to a barrister specialising in the area of law you need in one hour

In the driving seat

Your initial discussion with the barrister will cost you nothing and there is no commitment to go any further. The barrister is providing this initial advice ‘pro bono’ (for the public good/at no cost) and it may be that 15-20 mins of free expert legal advice is all you need to find a way forward. If you do decide you want more help then the barrister will explain your options and any costs that might be involved and it is up to you whether to proceed

Everyone has a right to legal advice

The nature of Brixton Advice Centre’s funding and charitable objectives means we are just not able to provide legal advice in every area of law and to everyone. We aim our advice services at the most vulnerable individuals and those least able to afford legal help. We’re proud of that. However, we recognise this also means there are many people with legal problems who are unable to use our services but who still need professional legal advice. Our innovative new partnership with ShenSmith Barristers aims to plug that gap

Who provides the service?

Services are provided via ShenSmith Barristers, who provide administration and clerking services to public access barristers throughout England and Wales and who can access the services of over 3,500 accredited barristers over a wide spectrum of law. You can learn more about them and how it works in the video below

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