We Shall Overcome



The wonderful Veg Bar, in association with the legendary South London Punk Collective, hosted Brixton’s contribution to the national WSO weekend on Saturday 3rd October 2015. In one short sentence… what a night!

The Brixton Advice Centre was chosen as the charity benefiting from the event in acknowledgement of our work with local people at the sharp end of austerity politics


We would just like to say a sincere big thank you to everyone, especially the bands who played for free and all the amazing people who went out of their way to come and have a chat, donate money and wish us well. It was a really strange feeling for us – I guess we’re a bit sad and, like all legal advisers, not used to anyone actually being interested in us unless they’re in deep trouble! 🙂 So, it was incredibly special to be spoken to so warmly by the people there and for those people to be so positive about the need to support those hit by cuts and the work that we do to help

A special thank you to John Youens, the founder of the South London Punk Collective and his band, Slow Faction. Quite simply, John and the guys were amazing. Not only did they set up the whole thing, cover lots of expenses out of their own (John’s) pocket, but they were there throughout the night helping us (and everyone else) out. Way beyond the call of duty. We know it was hard work for John and how much he and the band put themselves out but, we think you and the guys are brilliant John and none of it would have happened without you. It was a great success for us! Thanks guys, big respect

And a final thank you to David Beer who runs the Veg Bar for hosting the event and looking after us all night. What a man. The only sad thing for us was not having chance to sit down and scoff any of the delicious-smelling food that Jhenn and the team were putting out – next time!

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