Online Legal Clinic

Brixton Advice Centre’s Online Clinic is a virtual legal advice clinic. Qualifying users can fill in a form setting out their legal question and one of our volunteer lawyers will respond. We will typically provide you with a short one-off piece of legal advice e.g. a 20 minute telephone or Skype/Zoom call, and a written summary of the advice you were given with any recommendations for next steps you should take

After you submit a query, if one of our lawyers contacts you for further information or to set up a suitable time to discuss it, you will have 10 days to respond before the query will be closed

The purpose of the Clinic is to increase access to expert legal advice and information to those who cannot afford it. There is no charge for using our service. Click here if you are interested in joining the team

User agreement

By submitting a query to the Clinic you confirm that you:

  • have a low income and are unable to pay for legal support, and
  • have not already received legal advice elsewhere, and
  • your matter is not urgent, and
  • you are an adult

If you do not meet these criteria then we will not be able to help you. There are other sources of legal assistance you could approach, such as those on our home page or through the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor portal

What we can and can’t do

We can only provide advice to individuals on personal matters, not businesses or in respect of business dealings. We cannot provide immigration advice. We rely on volunteer lawyers so we aim to respond within fourteen days but may occasionally be longer depending on how busy the service is. This is a trial service and is subject to change. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to deal with every question submitted to the Clinic. If we cannot help you, we will let you know

The advice we provide is one-off advice only. The volunteer lawyer will not be acting for you and will not represent you, file any papers on your behalf or contact any third parties for you. They will not be able to get into protracted correspondence with you


We have a strict duty of confidentiality. However, you should know that the law could, under certain circumstances, require us to disclose what you tell us. For example, if you say you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, or you say that you or someone you know is abusing a child, the law may require us to tell someone

Your data

For a limited time, we keep records of:

  • What kind of legal problem you had
  • What the lawyer told you
  • Which area of Lambeth you live in
  • Responses to any demographic or other voluntary status questions
  • All other information you give us

You can see full details of your rights regarding the records we keep here

Submit a question to the Clinic

Click on this text or the image below to submit an enquiry to the Clinic:


The Clinic is an extension of our evening pro bono advice clinic. It came about in the early days of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and allows our volunteer legal professionals to continue helping Lambeth residents with the legal issues affecting their lives. As far as we are aware, it is the first virtual pro bono legal advice clinic to open directly to members of the public in the UK

We are grateful to the Walcot Foundation and London Funders for supporting the development of the Clinic. If you want to support us and help us provide advice to more people in need you can make a small donation or contact us through our Contact Form

Thank you to our lawyers. Without them, none of this would be possible

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