Stories from Railton Road

Back in the 1970s, the area around Railton Road in Brixton was something of a hotbed of radicalism, with a host of activist groups setting up centres in the many dilapidated buildings lining the street. These groups included an Anarchist News Service, Squatters Groups, a Claimants’ Union, an Advice Centre, Icebreakers (a gay liberation counselling group), the Race Today Collective, a food cooperative in nearby Shakespeare Road and Atlantic Road and the South London Gay Community Centre. (Mike Urban, Brixton Buzz 14 June 2013)

‘You never know when it’s going to explode’ CLR James’s last interview. CLR James lived and died at 165 Railton Road, which is now part of the Brixton Advice Centre

The Race Today journal was a leading voice of Black politics in 1970s Britain. It was produced by a collective whose members included Darcus Howe, Farukh Dhondy, Leila Hassan, Gus John and Linton Kwesi Johnson. The Race Today Collective were based at 167 Railton Road, which is now part of the Brixton Advice Centre


A radical history of 121 Railton Road, with Olive Morris and Liz Turnbull


The Brixton Fairies and the South London Gay Community Centre, 78 Railton Road Brixton 1974-6


The history of the squatted community centre at 121 Railton Road


The Honky Tonk Woman – Winifred Atwell and the Railton Road in Brixton


By the Waters of Babylon; The Battle of Railton Road; International Centres



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